70 Creative Client Gift Ideas That Will Impress Your Clients and Customers

As corporate and client gift experts, we are often asked about client gifting etiquette, ideas for client gifts, and the dos and don't of client gifting.

When it comes to client gifts, the key is to be creative and personal. A great client gift reflects your brand’s value and shows them how much you care and appreciate their business.

In this article, we will answer questions we hear most often and at the same time provide you with the best client gift ideas so you can send the perfect gift each time.

Should you send gifts to clients?

Client gifts aren't just a generous gesture, it's a powerful business strategy with numerous benefits. Whether it's for a closed deal, a successful business event, a special occasion or a holiday, sending client gifts is an excellent way to strengthen your relationship and keep your business top-of-mind.

Here are the reasons why you should send meaningful gifts to clients:

  • Strengthen relationships - Gifts can significantly enhance the bond between you and your clients, fostering a stronger, more personal connection.
  • Show appreciation - A thoughtful client gift is a fantastic way to express gratitude for their business and loyalty.
  • Stand out from others - In today's competitive market, a memorable gift can set your business apart from others, leaving a lasting impression and making you more memorable.
  • Encourage repeat business - A well-chosen corporate gift can encourage clients to continue their business with you, potentially leading to more opportunities.
  • Increase brand awareness - Branded gifts not only express appreciation but also serve as a subtle way to promote your business and increase brand visibility.

Remember that a well-thought-out client gift not only represents your company's appreciation for a client's business but also leads to more opportunities and improved business relationships.

How do I choose the best corporate gifts?

The key to selecting the best corporate gifts is to personalize it and make sure it reflects your brand. Here are a few tips you should consider when choosing client gifts:

  • Do your research. Make sure your gift is appropriate for the client’s interests, culture, and lifestyle. Researching cultural norms and special occasions helps you send something that will be appreciated.
  • Quality over quantity. A high-quality item is much more memorable than a bundle of useless items. Select something that will last and offer value for money.
  • Personalize it. Add a personal touch by including the recipient's name or initials on the gift. This small gesture shows your clients that you went the extra mile to make them feel special.
  • Think outside the box. If you want to make an impact, think outside the box and choose something unexpected! Creative gifts show that you put thought into choosing a unique, amazing gift tailored specifically for them.
  • Add a message. A handwritten thank you note or a custom card with your company logo adds an extra special touch and shows that you appreciate their business.

It's not just about the monetary value of the gift, but its relevance, quality, and the sentiment it conveys to your clients. With proper planning and a dash of creativity, you can leave a lasting impression on your clients and can yield significant returns!

Custom Client Gifting

Shadow Breeze offers two types of custom client gifting to make it easy to send branded gifts to clients.

Bulk Branded Gifting to Clients

Send fully custom branded gifts to clients with Shadow Breeze.  Our gifitng experts will work with you to design, source and fulfill your custom client gifts.  Here are a few examples of gifts we have designed for clients recently.

On Deamnd Branded Client Gifts

With our "Build a Branded Gift Box" app, you can build a branded client gift that ships the same day you order the gift.    Perfect for small quanaties of branded gifts.   The best part is there are no extra fees for the branding.   Brand your gift packaging, notebooks, tumblers, and much more.   Here is one example of a gift that shipped two hours after the order was placed:

To bbuild and ship a branded gift today use our branded builder app


What do you put in a client gift box?

Fill your client gift box with items that align with your brand personality and cater to your client's preferences at the same time.

Here are gift ideas to consider when creating the perfect client gift box:

  1. Personalized items - This could be anything from a high-quality pen with your logo on it, a branded coffee mug, or even a custom t-shirt.
  2. Gourmet food - High-quality chocolates, gourmet coffee beans, specialty teas, or artisanal cookies can make for a delicious treat.
  3. Desk accessories - Think about practical items that will be used frequently like notepads, calendars, or a stylish desk organizer.
  4. Personal care items - Luxury hand soaps, scented candles, or a plush bathrobe can bring a bit of relaxation to your client's life.
  5. Tech gadgets - Depending on your budget, you could include items like a portable phone charger, Bluetooth headphones, or even a tablet.
  6. Gift cards - These can be for popular retailers, local restaurants, or digital services like Amazon or Netflix.
  7. Books related to your industry - If there's a book that's made a big impact on your business or industry, consider sharing it with your clients. It would be a good coffee table book when their colleagues visit their home.
  8. Handwritten note: A personal message expressing your gratitude can make the entire gift feel much more personal and heartfelt.

The goal is to choose items that reflect your brand and will be appreciated by your clients. It's always a good idea to tailor each box to the recipient as much as possible.

What to send to clients as a thank you?

Expressing gratitude to your clients strengthens your relationship and shows them you value their business. Here are some thoughtful gifts you can send as a client appreciation gifts.

Thank You Curated Gift Box

Send your gratitude to your clients with this curated gift set filled with scented candles, inspirational cards, and a stylish notebook. The soothing scents of the candles promote relaxation, the inspirational cards carry thoughtful messages to uplift their spirit, and the notebook serves as a practical tool for their daily tasks or creative musings.


Tasty Thank You Gift


This tasty thank-you box filled with delectable treats and a splendid notebook filled with gratitude quotes makes for a truly thoughtful client present. A unique combo that not only indulges their taste buds but also fosters a positive outlook, a constant reminder of your company's appreciation for their support and collaboration.

Gratitude Gift Box

Send a thoughtful message with this gratitude gift box filled with items that convey your thanks. A Sugarfina "Thank You" three-treat bento box with champagne gummy bears, sour rainbows, and sugar lips they can savor, a luxurious scented candle, and a personalized greeting card to express your appreciation.

Appreciation Gift Box

Amazing Gift Box for Clients | Shadow Breeze 

Tell your clients they are amazing - whether for an achievement in their personal lives or a recent business success. This lovely box contains a selection of snacks, a personalized insulated mug, and a scented candle, giving moments of indulgence.

Thank You Gift Crate

You're a Gem Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

This set offers delightful treats including roasted mixed nuts, caramel popcorn, and salted pretzels for instant indulgence, a diamond pen for an added touch of glamour to your clients' workday, and a personalized tumbler to keep their favorite beverages at the perfect temperature.

Inspirational Gift Box

Dream Big Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

Felt tip pens, a 'Dream Big and Dare to Fail' notebook and inspirational pop-open cards fuel their creativity and dedication to their craft. This unique gift set not only sends your gratitude but also encourages them to keep striving for excellence.

Relaxation and Wellness Box

Relaxation Client Gift | Shadow Breeze

This gift box includes two luxurious bath bombs, a sea salt + citrus-scented candle, a personalized insulated water bottle, and three mini artisan soaps to give your clients the pampering they deserve. Complete your gift with an encouraging greeting message that sends your gratitude with style.

What do you put in a business gift basket?

When it comes to curating a business gift basket, the key is to include items that are high quality, practical, and enjoyable.

Among the most beloved business gift baskets are gourmet food items. Gourmet food not only caters to their palate but also adds a luxurious touch to your gift. Here are some food gift boxes that will delight your clients.

Gourmet Food Basket

Gourmet Sweets Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze

This snack gift basket is an excellent client gift, particularly for those with families. Its array of delightful treats promises shared moments of indulgence, bringing joy to any family gathering or birthday celebration.

Cheese Gift Crate

Meat and Cheese Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze

This cheese gift crate is an ideal choice for pleasing your VIP clients after a closed deal, serving them a taste for gourmet delights. Encased in a beautifully crafted crate, this selection of artisan cheeses presents a luxurious token of appreciation, reflecting the high esteem in which you hold your valued clients.

Toast and Jam Gift

Toast and Jam Gift

This toast and jam gift from Stonewall Kitchen makes for a delightful token of appreciation to celebrate a client's successful project completion. Different from a traditional gourmet food basket, this package is filled with artisanal bread and a variety of flavorful jams that promises a delicious start to their day.

Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegar Set

Olive Oil and Vinegar Client Gift | Shadow Breeze

This luxurious gourmet set is an exquisite gift for clients who have a flair for cooking or simply enjoy gourmet foods. A selection of premium olive oils and vinegars that brings a culinary experience your clients will cherish and associate with your brand.

Almond Croissants

Almond Croissants

Almond croissants from Galaxy Desserts, sourced from Williams-Sonoma, make for an elegant and delectable client gift, particularly for special occasions. Their flaky, buttery layers, coupled with a rich almond filling, give a delightful gourmet experience that adds a touch of sophistication and indulgence to celebrations.

Snack Gift Box

Gourmet Snack Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze

This delicious snack gift box presents a selection of gourmet snacks sure to cater to clients with diverse palates. This carefully curated box includes delectable treats like classic uncured salami, brie cheese spread in tin, crackers, Pecan shortbread cookies, and pretzel rods. Available in three sizes so you can tailor it to the occasion.

Charcuterie Gift Box

Premium Charcuterie Gift Set | Shadow Breeze

This charcuterie gift box is an exceptional token of appreciation, particularly after securing a significant deal. This gourmet selection of fine cheeses, artisanal cured meats, and other delicacies offers a distinctive experience to celebrate your partnership, with a teak charcuterie board and charcuterie spreaders they can use for a long time.

Wine and Cheese Gift

Wine and Cheese Gift Set | Shadow Breeze

This wine and cheese gift is a great holiday present for your esteemed clients, a blend of luxury and good taste. With a set of personalized wine glasses, personalized bamboo cutting board, and gourmet cheese spreads, this gift invites them to have a pleasant evening of indulgence during the holidays.

Olive Oil Gift Set

Olive Oil Gift Set | Shadow Breeze 

This crisps and olive oil gift set makes a perfect congratulatory gift for clients who have reached a major business milestone. This gourmet set, featuring artisan-made crisps and a selection of fine olive oils, gives them a way to celebrate their achievement with a distinctive culinary experience.

What is the best gift for professionals?

When it comes to the best gifts for professionals, desk and office items can be highly practical. Items such as tumblers and coffee mugs, a sleek wireless charger, or a high-quality notebook and pen set can enhance their workspace and improve productivity.

These gifts convey your appreciation for their professionalism and dedication. Here are some of the top gifts for professionals.

Personalized Office Items

Gift Box for the Home Office | Shadow Breeze

This set features a personalized journal, tumbler, and pen case in a unique wooden design - a thoughtful and practical gift choice with a mix of style and functionality. This set not only fulfills your client's daily needs but also adds sophistication to their desk.

Break Time Gift Box

Break Time Office Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

This gift box is a good gift to send after an exhausting business event. It comes complete with a set of refreshing sparkling water, a luxurious sleeping eye mask, and a soothing skin healing balm, a perfect client gift to encourage relaxation and rejuvenation during their break time.


Recharge Gift Box

Recharge Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

This set combines practicality and luxury, a useful gift for clients facilitating their on-the-go energy needs with a portable charger and boosting their day with gourmet coffee.

Personalized Travel Grooming Kit for Men

Grooming Gift for Men | Shadow Breeze

Complete with a body wash, shaving brush, and a personalized toiletry bag, this personalized travel grooming kit caters to their grooming needs during business travels.

What do you say in your personalized message with client gifts?

Personalized messages are a great way to show your appreciation for their business and partnership. Whether it’s a heartfelt congratulations or a sincere thank you, your message should make them feel special and valued. Here are some example messages you can incorporate into your client gifts.

  • "Thank you for choosing us. We appreciate your continued trust and support over the years."
  • "We're so delighted to have celebrated this achievement with you!"
  • "It's been a pleasure working together. We hope you enjoy this small but special gift from us!"
  • "Congratulations on your success! We look forward to celebrating more with you."

Your message should evoke emotion and be unique to the occasion - so don't hesitate to get creative and express yourself!

What gift can be given to a client?

The best client gifts are meaningful, useful, and memorable. Here are some of the most popular and creative client gift ideas.

Tea and Coffee Sets

Tea Gift Set

Personalized Tea Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze

A unique and thoughtful corporate gift-giving package. This tea set caters to a wide array of tastes, packed with a selection of premium teas that clients can savor at their leisure. It also features a tempered glass tea pot infuser and a clear tea cup. A gift that boosts your company's reputation for thoughtful and personalized attention.

Tea Gift Basket

Corporate Tea Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

A smart business gift that reflects your company's elegance and attention to detail. This carefully curated gift gives your clients an enriching tea experience, sweetened by raw candy, and served in exquisite ceramic mugs, subtly enhancing your business relationship. It also includes a glass tea pot infuser, two wooden honey dipper sticks, Anellabees honey candy, and 20 bags of Earl Grey tea blends.

Coffee Gift Box

Personalized Coffee Gift | Shadow Breeze

This coffee gift set transforms your clients' everyday coffee experience into something more special and enjoyable. It pairs wonderfully with their favorite coffee table books. It also features a personalized insulated travel mug with a lid and an Irish coffee mug. They can indulge in quality coffee while immersed in engaging literature, creating a luxurious and thoughtful moment in their busy day.

Loose Tea Sampler Gift Box


This tea sampler gift is another one of the unique gifts you can send to your clients, giving them time to explore and savor a variety of premium tea blends. This set also includes a gold-plated ceramic mug and a 2-in-1 gold scoop clip. A heartwarming gift idea, bringing a comforting and memorable tea-tasting journey they can indulge in at the office or home.

Premium Coffee Set

Premium Coffee Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze

Premium coffee sets are one of the most practical and thoughtful business gifts. It signifies an understanding and appreciation of their tastes, while also fostering a sense of connection every time they pour a cup. This set includes an electric desktop/tabletop coffee mug warmer, a double-walled tea mug, a bourbon vanilla ground coffee in a tin, and flavored coffee syrups.

Luxury Tea Gift

Premium Tea Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze

A tea set equipped with a double-walled mug and an electric desktop tea warmer serves as the perfect corporate gift, enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of a client's desk. It not only keeps their beverage warm throughout the day, but also exudes sophistication and personal comfort to their workspace, making their desk a more inviting and enjoyable place to work.

Coffee Break Gift Box

Coffee Break Gift Basket | shadow Breeze

A perfect gift for clients, catering to their much-needed caffeine fix that fuels their daily productivity. In the current era of remote work and online classes, a quality coffee set can turn their coffee break into a special, rejuvenating experience. It's more than just a corporate gift; it's a thoughtful gesture of understanding and appreciation for their lifestyle and work habits.

Hot Chocolate Gift Box

Holiday Client Gift | Shadow Breeze

This hot chocolate gift box is an ideal corporate present, particularly during winter. With its high-quality cocoa and additional treats, it can transform a simple hot drink into a luxurious comfort, making all the difference on a cold day. This thoughtful gift not only warms up your clients but also leaves a lasting impression of your company's thoughtfulness.

Spa, Bath, and Personal Care Items

Relaxation Gift Basket

Spa Day Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze

Spa gift sets complete with body lotion, essential oils, and microwaveable slippers send clients a luxurious experience of relaxation and self-care. Microwaveable slippers, when warmed, bring heat therapy for tired feet, an ideal gift for clients who stand all day. This set subtly communicates your company's regard for their well-being, giving them a way to rest after a busy workday.

Spa Gift Set

Artisan Spa Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

This luxury spa gift set includes nourishing items perfect for a pampering session. The skin healing balm and oatmeal soap give a natural and therapeutic way to rejuvenate their skin, a practical and luxurious way for your clients to indulge in self-care. A thoughtful gift, promoting wellness and relaxation and reminding clients of your brand's dedication to quality and care.

Complete Relaxation Package

Spa Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

This complete relaxation gift is a unique blend of functionality and luxury. The oil diffuser, paired with calming essential oils, creates a serene environment for your clients at home, bringing relaxation and focus. The personalized mug and candles add an intimate touch, showing your attention to detail and appreciation for their business relationship, while also serving as a constant reminder of your brand.

Essential Oils Set

Massage Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

This essential oils set is a delightful company gift that communicates your brand's commitment to wellness and relaxation. Comprising a variety of nature-inspired scents like lavender and bergamot, sage and citrus, and ginger, grapefruit and basil, this set allows your clients to create a personalized aromatherapy experience in the comfort of their homes. A thoughtful reminder of your company, promoting tranquility and stress relief.

Bath Gift Set

Bath Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze

This bath gift set, featuring bath bombs, bath crystals, and an inflatable bath pillow, is a way for clients to unwind and destress after a busy day, promoting a healthy work-life balance. A material gift with a more profound value, enhancing their overall well-being and personal time. This set also includes a personalized stainless steel wine tumbler they can use during wine sessions.

Facial Curated Gift Box

This set of face masks, gua sha, and a facial roller is a unique gift for clients, delivering a spa-like experience to the comfort of their homes. This features a pearl brightening mask, hyaluronic moisturizing mask, cica regeneration mask, ceramide firming mask, and red wine elasticity mask. This self-care gift is a special reminder of your company's branding and consideration for their well-being.

Bath Bomb Gift Set

Bath Bomb Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

A bath bomb gift set is a great client gift idea, promising a few hours of unwinding and tranquility. Packed with diverse, aromatic bath bombs that transform a simple bath into an immersive, spa-like experience, indulging their senses with delightful scents, vibrant colors, and skin-nourishing ingredients. The set also includes a scented travel candle and colored matches in a glass bottle.

Spa and Bath Gift Box

Ooh Spa La Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze

A set of bath salts, loofa, and nail tools is an excellent gift idea for clients--a comprehensive home spa experience for relaxation and self-care. Each item contributes to different aspects of personal wellness: the bath salts for a soothing soak, the loofah for skin exfoliation, and the nail tools for manicures and pedicures. Other items include hand lotions, lip balms and a sugar scrub.

Home and Kitchen Essentials

Wooden Kitchen Set

Kitchen Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze 

A Wooden Kitchen Set complete with a spice bowl set, pepper grinder set, and a selection of olive oils is an exceptional welcome gift for clients. This handsomely crafted set not only adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen decor but also offers practical use in daily cooking. The set also includes a teak wooden spoon, traditional balsamic vinegar, and electric candle warmer.

Mini Charcuterie Gift Box

Mini Charcuterie Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

This mini charcuterie gift box, featuring a cheddar cheese spread, a quality serving board, and artisan crackers, will delight your clients, especially food enthusiasts. The set also includes an acacia wooden snack bowl, roasted mixed nuts, and a mini charcuterie spreader. A tasteful blend of gourmet snacks that can be shared with others or enjoyed individually, and high-quality kitchen tools they can use for a long time.

Candles and Candle Warmer Set

Candle Gift Set | Shadow Breeze

This is a great gift to go beyond the ordinary and bring a touch of elegance and warmth to your client's homes and personal spaces. The pleasant aromas of candles create a soothing atmosphere, uplift mood and boost productivity, while the chic candle warmer adds a stylish accent to their décor. This unique corporate gift will be a reminder of your company's quality and attention to detail.

Personalized Cutting Board

Personalized Cutting Board | Shadow Breeze

A personalized cutting board is a great addition to any kitchen, and the engraved lettering adds a personal touch that will last forever. It can give your clients a sense of special attention and appreciation, fostering a positive association with your brand. A thoughtful home gift that speaks volumes of your brand's esteem for your clients.

Personalized Marble Coasters

Personalized Marble Coasters | Shadow Breeze

With its sleek marble appearance, this set of personalized marble coasters not only protects surfaces from drink stains and heat damage, but also incorporates a touch of elegance to any décor. Personalizing it with your client's initials further adds a special sentiment, a memorable corporate gift and a lasting reminder of your company and the appreciation you share for their business relationship.

State Slate Tray

State Pride Slate Tray | Shadow Breeze

These 12" round or square trays serve as a functional and stylish piece, perfect for entertaining or simply as a unique decorative item, making it more than just a typical corporate gift. Customized with the outline of a client's home state, it's a meaningful gesture that brings a personal touch that shows your company's acknowledgment and respect for their roots and identity.

Bar and Drink Gifts

Whiskey Gift Set

Old Fashion Cocktail Box | Shadow Breeze

This whiskey gift set is a truly sophisticated option in corporate gifting. The set includes stylish whiskey glasses, two slate coasters, and a cocktail mixer. This kind of high-quality, memorable gift can impress and build rapport with current or potential customers, leaving a lasting, positive impression of your company.

Wine Gift Set

Premium Wine Gift Set | Shadow Breeze

This wine gift set with an aerator, wine glasses, and a wine bottle opener is a great client gift idea for wine sets at home or business dinners, with a sophisticated and practical toolset for their celebratory needs. It also encourages a sense of belongingness and shared enjoyment, a memorable gift that resonates with the spirit of these gatherings.

Champagne Gift Box

This champagne gift box is an excellent corporate gift, particularly for office birthday parties.  This set contains your choice of traditional TÖST sparkling refresher and your choice of two modern glass champagne flutes. It not only conveys your company's high regard for your clients but also encourages a festive atmosphere, fostering stronger professional relationships and creating memorable moments.

Personalized Beer Gift Set

Custom Beer Gift Set | Shadow Breeze

Personalized gifts, like this beer set, offer a unique and thoughtful approach to corporate gifting, showing your clients that you value their individual tastes and preferences.  This set includes your choice of two personalized beer mugs, ceramic beer coasters, and a bottle opener, making it the perfect gift for casual happy hours or just unwinding after a long day.

Margarita Gift Basket

Personalized Margarita Gift Set | Shadow Breeze

This margarita gift basket, packed in a luxurious box, is a perfect choice for clients who appreciate a good cocktail. Or simply if your brand represents fun rather than formality, like with wines. Give away a premium margarita experience instead. This set includes two personalized margarita glasses, a stainless steel jigger, and a margarita mix.

Personalized Wine Glasses with Accessories

Wine Accessories Gift Set | Shadow Breeze

Personalized wine glasses and wine glass charms demonstrate a heightened level of thoughtfulness and attention to detail, encapsulating the essence of personalized gifts. The set also includes stylish bottle openers and bottle stoppers, and a wine recipe book. These custom presents show your clients that you value and acknowledge their individual preferences, giving them tools to enhance their personal wine sessions.

Hobbies and Interests Gifts 

Colorful Stationery Set

A colorful stationery set, complete with vibrant pens and an inspirational notebook with beautiful artwork and modern typography, will appeal to clients who love writing and organizing their thoughts. The set also includes inspirational pop-open cards and sweet candies your clients can nibble on. Unlike many material gifts, this type of present encourages creativity and organization, reflecting your company’s appreciation for these qualities in your clients.

Movie-themed Gift Box

Movie Night Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

This set of popcorn and a blanket is a fantastic gift for clients who are movie enthusiasts, bringing a cozy and immersive at-home cinema experience. The flavorful popcorn caters to their snack cravings during a film, while the soft blanket provides comfort, enhancing their overall movie-watching experience during rest days. The set also includes a personalized tumbler they can use to enjoy their favorite hot or cold drinks.

Watercolor Paint Set

Artist Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

 A watercolor paint and brushes set is a thoughtful gift for clients who love to paint or want to learn how to, acknowledging and supporting their personal interests. This shows an additional level of personalized consideration from your company, enhancing client relationships by demonstrating that you value not just their business, but also their hobbies and individuality.

Night at Home Gift

Home Movie Night Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze

A set of flavored popcorn, a blanket, and a collapsible popcorn popper bowl brings a complete, comforting, and wholesome at-home experience to your clients who love to spend their weekend cooped up in a movie. It also features two personalized insulated tumblers they can both use at home or the office. This set encourages relaxation amidst the buzz of remote work.

Coloring Book Set

Get Well Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze

An adult coloring book set, complete with an array of coloring pens, is a splendid choice for clients who have a passion for art. This unique gift encourages creativity and provides a relaxing, artistic outlet, offering the recipient an opportunity to express themselves through the vibrant world of coloring Mandalas.

Popcorn Gift Box

Popcorn Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze

This popcorn gift box is a delightful corporate present. With a selection of gourmet popcorn flavors and a box that can be personalized with your company name or logo, this gift combines the joy of snacking with a touch of your company's thoughtfulness. The set includes 10 bags of flavored popcorn and a silicone collapsible microwave popcorn maker.


Personalized Items

Personalized Insulated Water Tumbler

Personalized Insulated Water Bottles

A practical gift that clients can use daily, this personalized insulated water tumbler showcases your company's regard for their everyday life. Customize with the recipient's name or a meaningful text to keep your brand on top of their minds. The insulation keeps their drinks at preferred temperature, during work hours or business travels.

Personalized Cutting Board

Custom Cutting Boards | Shadow Breeze

A personalized cutting board is an excellent client gift, particularly for those celebrating a housewarming. It can be put to use in their new kitchen, and you're acknowledging and joining in on their joy of a new home. Personalize with their family name or any custom text to add warmth and thoughtfulness, turning an everyday item into a treasured memento.

Personalized Champagne Flute

Personalized Champagne Flutes | Shadow Breeze

A personalized champagne flute is a sophisticated choice for commemorating milestones with your clients. Customize these elegant flutes with their name or a significant date, celebrating achievements and showing your company's heartfelt involvement and congratulations.

Personalized Succulent Gift

Succulent Gift

A personalized succulent gift is a charming and lasting gesture that can brighten up any client's desk. This low-maintenance greenery enhances the aesthetic appeal of their workspace. Personalize this with your company logo and make it a meaningful and bespoke gift for your clients.

Custom Rocks Glasses

Personalized Rocks Glasses

Custom rocks glasses are a timeless celebratory gift, perfect for clients who have closed a deal with your company or are celebrating a milestone like a founding anniversary. This elegant and useful item, personalized with the client's initials or your company logo, symbolizes a solid business relationship, just like the sturdy nature of the glass.

Monogrammed Beer Glasses

Monogramed Beer Glasses | Shadow Breeze

Monogrammed beer glasses, personalized with the client's initials or your company logo, are an excellent way to toast to a successful collaboration or to celebrate a significant milestone. This unique gift resonates with a sense of accomplishment each time your clients enjoy their favorite brew.

Monogrammed Marble Wine Chiller

Personalized Wine Chiller | Shadow Breeze 

This personalized marble wine chiller is a memorable gift for special occasions, like commemorating the opening of a new business branch. This gift symbolizes the cool and collected success of the expansion, felt every time your client entertains guests or enjoys a well-deserved glass of chilled wine.

What is a fun experience gift?

An experience gift gives your recipient a chance to get involved in an unforgettable event or activity. This could be anything from a gourmet cooking class, a full-course e from their local restaurant, a hot air balloon ride, a music festival ticket, or a wine-tasting tour.

With just a few clicks online, you can give your clients memorable moments, new experiences, emotions, and skills. Here are some of the best experiential gifts for your clients.

At-Home Pottery Starter Kit

At Home Pottery Kit | Shadow Breeze

This at-home potter starter kit is an exceptional gift that enables your client to tap into their creative side by crafting their own pottery. It includes a 2 kg premium British air-dry clay, an 8-color paint set of your choosing, a 20-piece step-by-step beginners pottery guide, and more. This unique hands-on gift enriches their artistic skills - a therapeutic activity they can enjoy during holiday vacations.

Red Lobster e-Gift Card

Red Lobster Gift Card

A Red Lobster e-Gift Card is an excellent choice for clients who delight in seafood. A memorable dining experience, bringing them a vast array of dishes from fresh fish entrees to delightful desserts. These restaurant gift cards create an enjoyable moment they can associate with your professional relationship.

Moonlight Hike

Moonlight Hike

The REI Moonlight Hike is an ideal experiential gift for adventurous clients. This unique experience offers a guided night-time hike under the moonlight, a thrilling activity and an opportunity to connect with nature in a whole new way. A great way to appreciate the outdoors and get some fresh air.

Art Classes Experience Gift Cards

Art Classes Gift

Art classes and workshops from ClassBento make a unique and thoughtful gift for your artistic clients. This gift offers them the opportunity to explore their creative side, learning new skills from professional artists across a wide range of artistic disciplines.

Home Interior Package

Home Interior Gift

The Home Interior Package from Havenly provides an unforgettable experience for clients in the interior design industry, transforming their living spaces in collaboration with professional designers. This unique gift also gives them new ideas aligned with the latest design trends that they can use for their business.

Yoga Classes Gift Subscription

Yoga Classes

The AloMoves gift subscription is a fantastic experiential gift for clients in the wellness industry. This digital platform provides yoga classes and wellness tutorials, helping them learn new skills and techniques in the comfort of their own home. A great way to thank your clients while also encouraging personal growth and professional development.

Museum Tour

Museum Tour Gift Experience

A museum tour gift certificate from Museum Hack is perfect for clients who appreciate arts and culture. A unique, unconventional tour through some of the world's most famous museums. This thoughtful gift enriches their knowledge of art, history, and culture.

When is the best time to send gifts to clients?

Send gifts during important milestones and anniversaries such as the completion of a major project or the client's own founding anniversary. Remember their birthdays and send a care package. Holidays are also an excellent time to send corporate gifts to clients. This way, you can make sure your gift stands out from the competition and makes a lasting impression.

Client Gifts here at Shadow Breeze

Shadow Breeze helps you create unique and memorable gifts for your clients. We provide a vast selection of personalized items such as thank-you gift boxes, office collections, gourmet snacks, and luxury products perfect for any occasion.

We offer customization options, a simple ordering process and free gifting portal. Our team of corporate gifting experts will help you create the perfect gift that makes your client's special day even better.

Get in touch and contact us for more creative and unique gift ideas. Discover how we can make your gifting process a breeze.


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