The Best Free Gift Ideas for Her in 2021

Imagine sitting with her on Christmas morning. She gives you an amazing and thoughtful gift full of many amazing memories and a handwritten note explaining how grateful she is that you are in her life. You try to hide your gift, but she sees you putting it behind your back and wants to open it. You shyly bring out your poorly wrapped, embarrassingly put together gift. She smiles, but you know deep inside that you could have done better. Nobody wants to be in that situation. 
We know how hard it can be to find a great gift on a budget. Whether it's a Christmas gift, a gift for her birthday or a romantic anniversary gift, shopping for women is hard enough as it is, without worrying about if it's going to break the bank. That's why we have created this carefully cultivated list of amazing gifts that she will love that will cost you nothing. From refurbishing projects to simply giving her your time, these are the best gifts you can give women that won't cost a penny. Go ahead and check them out below.

Creative Free Gifts for Women

1. Give Her Your Time

A Family Spending Time Together Cooking

Many women would simply be happy if you could put your work, video game, or other responsibilities on hold for a moment and give her your full undivided attention. Whether it’s helping her make dinner, changing a dirty diaper, or helping her complete an assignment, time is the greatest gift you could give any woman in your life.  Women might forget about the new clothes, shoes, technology and more, but they will never forget about all the time and attention that you give her.  Find an hour or two where you can block out all other distractions and sit down and talk with her.   It will be a gift she will remember for a long time to come.

2. Who Doesn't Love Food

Man holding freshly baked bread

Anybody in their right mind loves homemade food, and you don’t have to spend a dime. Search through your cupboards and find something that she will love. For example, who doesn’t love a freshly baked bread & jam gift? Simply bake the bread, wrap it, and include a small container on the side with some of your favorite jam and you are good to go. How easy is that? They will love the personal touch of you making it AND it is delicious, it's a win-win situation. 

 3. Recycle a Good Book

 Women reading a book

Are you looking for a book for a gift for the woman who loves to read?  If you are like me, you probably have tons of books around the house that you haven’t touched in years. I mean, after all, how many books do you read more than once (besides your favorite few books).  A great idea is re-gifting a book that you think she will love. Sign the inside of the cover page and share with her why this book is great for her. Try and make your note personal, reminding her how much you care. Also make sure to inspect the book to see if there are any marking or dents in the cover. You don't want them to think that you didn't put any thought into the gift and simply grabbed something off the shelf.

4. Give Her a Puzzle

Putting together puzzle pieces

How often do you actually put together a puzzle that you have already put together? Not often. Pull out one of those puzzles that you haven’t touched in years, make sure it has all the pieces, and tie a nice bow and you are set to go.  To make it more special put it together before hand and write a romantic love note on the back of the puzzle.  Then when she puts it together she can flip it over and read it.  She will be impressed in the time you spent to personalize her gift.  For extra bonus points, offer to make a night out of it. Pour a glass of wine and sit together while you complete this puzzle. She will love the one on one time that you spend with her, and it will keep your brains sharp and engaged. This makes for a great technology free date night.

5. Pull out Those Old Photos 

Frames on the wall

Something that will make her swoon is an old photo they may have forgotten in a nice frame or with a special written card on the back. It will bring her back to a happy memory and with likely end up on her bedside table or in her office so she can be reminded of the sentiment. Some great photos you may want to include could be birthdays, vacations, wedding day, first dates, prom, birth of a child, and so much more. Make sure that no matter what picture you choose, that it is personal, she will love it.

6. Create a Mixtape

Mixtape with headphones

It's time to go old school.  If you want to show her how much you care pull together some songs that remind you of her and burn it into a CD. Or if you want to make a little more modern version, make her a Spotify playlist that she can enjoy and listen to while driving around and while doing things around the house. She will love the time and effort you put into finding the perfect songs to express your feeling for her. You could play a song from your wedding, maybe her favorite song when you first met, or even throw in a song she has never heard that you think she will love.  Pick your favorite slow dance song and surprise her with a "home PROM" night of dancing and romance.  

 7. Check your local classifieds

local classifieds

Often people want things out of their house as soon as possible and are willing to give it to your for very cheap or for free. Whether she has been wanting a new kitchen table, a laptop for school, a vintage record player and more, often you can find good deals on some amazing items. To make it even more personal, find something that has a great build (such as a chair), and refurbish it to fit a room in your home. When she wakes up on the morning of her birthday, Christmas, or your anniversary, she can walk into the room and be surprised by her new "statement" piece that she will love. Don't know how to refurbish items? There are tons of free YouTube Videos and Pinterest articles detailing step by step how to refurbish items. 

 8. Cookies in a Jar

Cookies in a Jar

A simple gift that she will love is a cookie mix in a jar. You can almost guarantee that a similar recipe is pinned on her Pinterest somewhere. All you need are the ingredients for the cookies and some form of a mason jar. There are tons of different options you could find but the one that we love is here. This simple gift (complete with a beautiful bow) is extremely cheap, or free if you have the ingredients already sitting around the house. It is thoughtful and if you want to add a little extra touch, offer to help make the cookies with her. She will love the sentiment and the jars look absolutely adorable after they are all put together.

9.Sugar Lips Scrub

Sugar Lip Scrub for Her

One of the easiest homemade gifts you could give her is a homemade lip scrub. Especially during the harsh winter months, her lips are dry and could use a little hydrating. With as little as 3 ingredients, you can usually find the ingredients in your cupboard to make this lip scrub. If you want to get really fancy, you could make her multiple flavors. Some of our favorite lip scrub recipes include Honey, Kiwi-Strawberry, and Cinnamon. Put the ingredients in a little jar, and she can take it on the go. 

10. Give her a Massage

 Women receiving a massage

There is no simpler gift then giving her a massage at the end of a long day or week. All you need to is some oil or lotion and maybe some relaxing music, and you are set to go. She will be very excited to redeem her gift. You can truly be a gifting hero with this relaxation gift for her.

No matter what gift you give her, it truly is the thought that counts. Give her something that is customized and as unique as she is. If you still haven't found the perfect gift, check out for some fun and unique gift boxes that she will love this holiday season or for her birthday. 

July 21, 2021 — Matt Graham

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