Gifts You Should Never Give to Your Wife

So, you’re in the market for a gift for your wife? Perhaps she has a birthday coming up or your anniversary is just around the corner? Maybe you are looking for a unique Valentine’s Day or Christmas gift for her? It probably feels like you are always looking for the next great gift. Trying to find unique, thoughtful gifts each time can be daunting. You may have waited until the last minute or are thinking it might be okay to “phone it in” this time.

Before you throw in the towel and pick up a gift card or a box of chocolates take a minute to review our list of gifts you should never give your wife. Staying away from these gifts is a great place to start. Still not sure what to get her? In addition to this list of gifts you should never give her we have some great gift ideas she will really love.

  1. Talking Scale
  2. Vacuum (or other cleaning product)
  3. Lingerie
  4. Exercise Equipment
  5. Gift Card
  6. Wrinkle Cream
  7. New Perfume Fragrance
  8. Clothing
  9. A Pet
  10. Box of Chocolates


1)Talking Scale

Talking Scale |

A normal scale would be a bad gift by itself but this talking scale which announces her weight to the whole room is a quick one way trip to the dog house. If you don’t know by now that women like to keep their weight a secret it may be too late for your marriage.

If your wife is focused on fitness and her health a better option would be to get her a healthy snack gift box full of delicious, guilt-free goodies.

2) Vacuum (or other home cleaning products)

Vacuum |

Even if she has mentioned that she is frustrated with your current vacuum it is not a good idea to give one to her as a gift. The same is true with mops, irons, toasters, etc. Anything that might give the impression that she should be cleaning more is a big no-no.

If she loves to decorate and you think she would like a gift for the home you should consider giving her a beautiful candle gift set instead.

3) Lingerie

Lingerie |

Let’s call this what it really is, a gift for you. It is okay if she gets you lingerie for valentine’s day or for your anniversary, but it doesn’t work the other way around.

If you are looking for a romantic gift for her you should take a look at the “Tweet-hearts Forever” love gift crate from Shadow Breeze.

4) Exercise Equipment

Exercise Equipment |

Unless she specifically asks for exercise equipment you should steer clear. Even if she Is really into fitness you should save the treadmill or spin bike for another time. It can send the wrong message to give her fitness equipment.

A better idea would be to help her discover or develop a new talent with a gift box for women artists.

5) Gift Card

Gift Card |

Nothing says “I didn’t really try” like a gift card. Even if it is for her favorite store or restaurant it does not make a good gift. If you know she loves a particular store you would be better off buying something she might like from that store and when you give it to her tell her that you have kept the receipt and she can exchange it for something she might like more.

6) Wrinkle Cream

Wrinkle Cream |

Wrinkle cream is expensive so you might think it would make a good gift. Wrong. You don’t want to give a gift that is intended to cover up flaws. In fact, it is better to deny any flaws exist at all.

If you know that she loves beauty products give her a spa git crate packed with products she can use for her own home spa day. Plus, the wooden crate makes great home décor after she opens the gift.

7) New Scent of Perfume

Perfume |

You might think she would love a new scent, but it is very risky. Perfume is a very personal item and there might be ten fragrances she does not like for each one she loves. If you know her favorite perfume you are probably okay getting that fragrance for her but it is not a real creative gift.

If you want a gift she will really love you should consider a jewelry gift set. Instead of buying just one necklace or bracelet you can give her a jewelry gift crate that includes two or more pieces of jewelry that have been hand selected to go together. You might think that jewelry is out of your price range, but you will be surprised at how affordable these gift can be.

8) Clothing

Women's Clothes |

You might wonder what is wrong with clothing? First, clothing styles are very personal. You might think she will like it but chances are she will not. The second problem is what size do you get? If you get clothing that is too big, she will think that you think she is overweight. If you get something too small, she might feel that she is overweight. You really can’t win either way.

Instead of clothing get her a handbag gift that is “one size fits all” and can be easily exchanged if she doesn’t like it.

9) A Pet

Kitten |

Who wouldn’t love a kitten as a gift? Well, most people. Even if she loves kittens, it is not a good idea to surprise her with a pet. Taking care of a pet is a serious commitment and might not be something she wants to do at this time. A pet comes with several significant expenses such as food, vet bills, toys, etc. Even if she really wants a pet, she will want to play a role in picking out the perfect one for her.

Instead of a kitten give the cat lover in your life a cat themed gift box. Our “Feeling a Little Catty” gift crate is the perfect way for her to show off her love for cats without having to change the kitty litter.

10) Chocolates

Everyone loves chocolates but giving a box of chocolates as a gift really says “I didn’t know what to get you so I got you a box of chocolates.” In addition, you never know if she is trying to eat healthy and may not want the extra calories. If you want to give a snack gift give her a snack gift crates that includes a number of options other than chocolates so she has a snacking choice.

Gifts Women Don't Want

There you have it. The top ten gifts you should not buy for your wife. We are sure there are many more things which should be included in this list so let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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