Selecting the Best Gifts for Women

Have you ever stopped to count how many gifts you buy for the women in your life each year?  Between the “big five” annual gifting days (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthday, wedding anniversary & Christmas) and the various other gift giving occasions that come up throughout the year (graduations, engagements, baby showers, weddings, housewarmings, etc.) you quickly get to double digit gift totals each year.    Now, multiply that number by the number of significant women in your life like wife or girlfriend, mom, mother-in-law, daughter(s), sister(s), grandmothers, etc., and the gift giving total rises exponentially.  If you are a great gift giver you might select a great gift three or four times a year.  That sounds great but what it really means is that you are selecting 15 to 20 mediocre or even lousy gifts each year. 

Themed Gift Boxes Make Giving Gifts to Women Easy

Let’s compare gift giving to baseball.    While there are some exceptions to the rule, generally home run hitters strike out more than other players.  When you are “swinging” for the fences you are going to hit some long balls but you are also going to fan much more often than you connect.    The same is true with gift giving.    When you try to give the perfect unique gift for women each time you are going to have some epic gift fails. 

However, when you give a gift box for a birthday or anniversary to your wife or mom it is like hitting a single, double & triple all in one game.  It may seem like it is less fun than hitting those home runs but when you look at the scoreboard you will find you scored more points. 

A Beautiful Gift That is Exciting to Open

Even if you get lucky and find the perfect gift for your wife, you are likely to miss one of the most important steps in the gifting experience, the presentation.  For some reason most men are not born with the gift wrapping gene.   You can spend hours trying to get perfect corners and clean lines and still end up with a mess.   

Poorly Wrapped GIft

Don't try to fool yourself and think that the presentation doesn't matter.  It does.  Often the way the gift is presented can be as important or more important than the gift itself.  It is usually the gift packaging that gets posted to her social media accounts, not the actual gift.  If you still have doubts pay close attention to the next gift your wife gives to one of her friends.   There is a pretty good chance that the packaging is more expensive than the gift itself.   

Why Give One Mother's Day Gift When You Can Give a Box Full of Gifts

One advantage to the themed gift box is that someone much better than you at giving gifts has already selected several items that go together well and put them in one gift box.  You could spend hours trying to figure out which gifts a soon to be new mom might like or you can buy a baby shower gift box that includes the latest trendy gifts that you didn't even know existed.   Let the experts select the gift and you can just sit back and take all the glory.

Personalized Gifts for Women

One last reason to give an anniversary gift box or valentine's day gift box instead of flowers or chocolates is that the items in the gift box can be personalized.  Often the gift box will include items which can be custom engraved such as wine glasses, powder coated tumblers or other similar items.   Shadow Breeze gift boxes also include a custom storage box and a large glass diamond keepsake which can be engraved with names, dates or other text.  Flowers and chocolates last for a short time but these keepsakes will remind her of your thoughtful gift for years to come.  


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July 21, 2021 — Matt Graham

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