25 Thoughtful Get Well Gift Baskets

Get Well Baskets They'll Love

Recovering from an illness or surgery is no fun. Knowing that someone is thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery can be just what the doctor ordered and a gift basket is a great way to do that.

Shadow Breeze will help you elevate your get well soon gifts. No more bouquets of flowers that will be dead in a week, chocolate covered strawberries that stick to your fingers, boxes of brownies that look like they came from the grocery store, or fruit baskets that will go uneaten.

Send a friend, family member, loved one, or co-worker a get well gift basket, to let them know you care and to bring a smile to their face.

25 Get Well Gift Baskets That Will Brighten Their Day


COVID Recovery Gift

Sorry You Feel So Waffle - Recovery Gift Basket

This feel well soon gift basket is perfect for friends or a family member recovering from an illness or surgery. It includes both items to make them feel better as well as activities to pass the time like an adult coloring book and colored pencils. The personalized tumbler is something they will continue to use even after they have recovered.

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Cancer Recovery Box


A Little Encouragement - Get Well or Cancer Gift Basket

This get well care package includes items she'll use during her recovery or during chemotherapy treatments including a non-slip socks, Queasy Drops, ginger thins, peppermint tea and more. The crosswords puzzle book is perfect for a sick friend passing time during cancer treatments.

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Premium Get Well Gift Basket


I Hope You're Back on Your Feet Soon - Care Packages

A get well soon gift will make all the difference. With Warmies heated slippers, an electric essential oils diffuser, three premium essential oils, a personalized insulated water bottle and more, this is the perfect gift for the person who is under the weather.

Get Well Gift Baskets with Slippers


Lamb Themed Get Well Gift Basket

 I Hope You Feel Better - Lamb-Themed Get Well Soon Gifts

This cute get well soon gift basket includes an upgrade to the normal teddy bear in the form of a Warmies microwaveable lamb which can be used to soothe sore muscles and stay warm. The cute socks and personalized insulated water bottle in this collection will make loved ones feel special. Don't forget the fruit flavored popcorn (five flavors of fruits) and nuts.

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Get Well Gift Box

Get Well - Easy Breezy Collection - Succulent Gift Box

This cute, inexpensive be well gift includes your choice of a real or faux succulent in a pot, flavored popcorn, a scented candle, and wooden matches in a box. The perfect little pick-me-up.

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Herbal Tea Get Well Gift Box 

Sending Good Vibes - Herbal Tea Get Well Gift Basket

With an assortment of 12 unique flavors of delicious herbal tea, a personalized insulated water bottle, adult coloring book with colored pencils, sleep mask, and Claey's lemon drops, this gift will help them rest at home or at the hospital.

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Rest and Relaxation Gift Baskets

A-Rest Warrant - Get Well Soon Gift

With fuzzy socks, a super soft fleece blanket, a scented candle and a fizzy bath bomb, these feel well care packages will help them rest. Get it delivered fast with our expedited shipping options.

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Relaxation and Spa Get Well Gift Baskets

Relax Get Well Gift Basket  

Relax - Spa Gift for Her

These be well gifts include a trendy bottle-style personalized water bottle, a scented candle, two fizzy bath bombs, an assortment of three min-soaps, and delicious vanilla chai cookies. A great feel better gift for women.

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 Premium Spa Get Well Gift

Spa Day - Gift Basket to Cheer Her Up

This gift has everything she needs for a relaxing spa day at home. With artisan spa products, Warmies slippers, an electric diffuser and lavender oil, and more, she might not even mind being under the weather when she receives this gift.

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Get Well Bath Gift Baskets

A Little Me Time - Bath Get Well Gift

This fun little bath and beauty care package will have her looking and feeling her best. With a personalized insulated wine tumbler, almond coconut soap, coconut body butter, pina colada bath salts, and sugar cookie flavored popcorn, they may never want to get out of the tub.

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 Spa Gift Crate

Ooh Spa La - Get Well Soon Gift

These gifts have everything you need for a day of beauty and relaxation. This gift includes three hand lotions, three nail files, bath salts, sugar scrub, a bath bomb, top coat nail polish, cuticle oil, two lip balms, a loofah, and a personalized tumbler.

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Massage Gift Basket 

I am Way Past Tense - Massage Gift Baskets

A home massage may be just what the doctor ordered. With this get well soon gift, they'll have everything they need. This gift includes three massage oils, three essential oils, an electric essential oil diffuser, and three votive candle holders with candles.

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Get Well Gift Baskets with Flowers

Succulent Get Well Gifts 

You Grow Girl - Premium Succulent Gift Baskets

This beautiful succulent get well gift includes four large pots with built in drip trays and four large succulents. The perfect get well soon gift for someone with a green thumb or loves flowers. This gift ships in a beautiful pine crate that can be engraved with the recipient's name for free.

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Succulent Gift Crates

Oh the Places You'll Grow - Succulent Get Well Gifts

A smaller version of our You Grow Girl gift basket, these gifts include four hexagon pots with bamboo drip trays and four succulents. Don't send flowers that will be dead in a few days when you can send these cute baskets.

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 Cute Gift Boxes with Succulents

My Life Would Succ Without You - Succulent Care Package

The perfect way to let friends or a loved one know how important they are to you. This get well gift includes a living succulent in a pot, a personalized insulated tumbler with straw lid to keep their drink cold for hours, a scented candle, and three flavors of old fashion drops, perfect for sore throats and coughs.

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Get Well Gift Baskets with Snacks and Treats

Cookie Get Well Gift Basket 

Things Might Be Crummy but You are One Tough Cookie - Get Well Soon Gift

It's a proven fact that cookies make everything feel better. This delicious box is packed with sweet treats they will love. This gift basket is perfect for children, adults, or the whole family. Don't forget the milk because it also includes two cute mugs for dunking your cookies.

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 Get Well Baskets with Treats

Best Sweet in the House - Feel Well Gifts for Any Occasions

Packed with goodies from around the world, there is a treat for any taste in these gifts. From chocolate wafers to fruit flavored gummy bears, this is the perfect gift for a friend or any other person who is sick and would love to have gifts delivered to them.

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Food Get Well Gifts 

Love Snack, Baby Love Snack- Food and Snack Box

The perfect gift to send when mom is not feeling well and doesn't feel up to cooking. These get well soon gifts are packed with sweet and salty snacks including treats, popcorn, crackers, cheese, meat, and more. Enough for the whole family.

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Popcorn Care Package 

I Wish I Could Pop By - Popcorn Care Package

With six unique flavors of premium popcorn, your gift recipient will love these I hope you feel well gifts. These get well soon gifts will bring cheer to someone feeling down or in quarantine. Flavors include Chicago mix, blueberry muffin sugar cookie, caramel, berries and cream and rainbow with five flavors of fruit popcorn. A tasty treat that will make them smile.

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Tea Feel Well Gifts

Personalized Tea Gift Baskets  

My Inner Tranquili-Tea - Personalized Tea Get Well Soon Gifts

This fun tea gift box includes a personalized insulated tumbler, three flavors of tea, honey sticks, candy, a teapot, a glass cafe mug, and a bag squeezer. Fun get well gifts for the tea lover.

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Get Well Tea Gift Box 














Hello Beau-TEA-ful - Tea Baskets

This cute get well box includes two cup and saucers, earl grey and peppermint teas, a bag squeezer and honey sticks. A fun way to let a person know you are wishing them well and to bring a smile to their face.

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Inexpensive Tea Gift s














Time to Par-TEA - Get Well Gift for Tea Lovers

With an insulated mug, a cute honey bear, a bag squeezer and 12 flavors of assorted teas including green, black, and herbal, this cute little gift is an expensive way to let someone who is sick know you are thinking of them and wish them a quick recovery. Ship with delivery at a home, apartment, or even at the hospital.

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Get Well Gifts for Someone Recovering at Home

Home Movie Gift Basket 














I Need My Net-Fix

The perfect baskets for passing time while recovering or in quarantine. This gift includes am insulated tumbler, fruit flavored gummy bears, roasted mixed nuts, caramel popcorn, blueberry muffin popcorn, rainbow (five flavors of fruits) popcorn, and a cozy fleece blanket.

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Get Well Gifts for Couples 














Binge Worthy - Get Well Soon Gift Baskets for a Couple

Packed with too many treats to mention them all here, this movie night basket is perfect for the couple recovering together. With two personalized tumblers with straws, a large Turkish blanket, a silicone popcorn popper, chocolate covered salted caramel pretzels, chocolate wafers, and so much more.

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Gift Ideas for Get Well Gift Baskets

Build You Own Get Well Gift Basket




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With our "Build You Own Box" app, you can build the perfect get well package and since we take care of the delivery, you don't have to worry about it. With hundreds of items to add to your get well box, you will get exactly what you want and nothing else. Popular get well gift ideas to include; soup, chocolates, white chocolate caramels, flowers or plants, their favorite treat, blankets, a teddy bear, and much more. Shop from the convenience of your home or office and we will get your basket delivered ASAP, even to a hospital if needed. If you are looking for a get well gift for loved ones who are feeling under the weather, or for a friend who is sick, or even for a co-worker, a personalized get well soon gift is a perfect way to send them some cheer.

When you sign up for our newsletter you will receive secure checkout exclusive promotions and $5 off your first order. With multiple delivery options available you can choose our free shipping on orders over $75 or upgrade to our fastest available shipping option to have your order delivered the next business day. All of our gifts include a free get well card with your personal message.


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