10 Best Gifts for Women to Give to a Friend

Friendship gifts for women are all the rage and the right gift for her can lift her spirits just when she needs it! Buying a gift for a friend can be challenging but the perfect gift will brighten her day or let her know you're happy for her new promotion.

Remember being a kid and how excited you were about simple friendship bracelets? Well, who knew that Etsy gifts would still be in fashion all these years later. Even though you’ll likely spend more these days, the creativity still matters. That’s why we’ve compiled 10 unique gifts for her that are creative AND functional. Better still, you won’t have to go to Macys, Hallmark, or Things Remembered because these gift ideas for a friend are all available at the click of your mouse.

  1. Girls Just Want to Have Sun - A Gift to Lift Her Spirits
  2. Ex-Change Rate – Getting Over a Breakup
  3. Call Me a Toe Truck – A Gift for Her Feet
  4. I’m So Storked for You – A Baby Shower Gift for Her
  5. You’re a Gem – A Thank You Gift for Friends
  6. I Need My Net-FIX – Her Movie Night Gift
  7. A-Salt & Flattery – Sweet and Salty Gifts
  8. Scrub a Dub Dub – Bath and Relaxation Gifts
  9. Candle With Care – House Warming Gift
  10. Happy Birth-Yay! – Birthday Gifts for a Friend

Girls Just Want to Have Sun - A Gift to Lift Her Spirits

Sunshine in a Box Gift

Life can be tough at times. None of us are immune to challenges and disappointments and everyone has a bad day, week or month every now and then. Watching a friend go through a challenge can be almost as hard as going through it yourself. You feel for her and want to help but are not sure what you can do.

While many of life’s challenges take time to work through it can be very helpful to know that someone cares for you and is thinking of you. When in the middle of the darkness a little sunlight from a friend can be a lifesaver.

The Girls Just Want to Have Sun gift box can help provide that ray of sunlight. When she opens the gift she will experience a burst of yellow happiness. The “You are My Sunshine” candle will remind her that she is not alone and that she is loved. Everyone knows that a little sugar can boost our spirits and this box is packed full of treats and snacks. Also included is a happy yellow lip balm to make sure her lips are moisturized and ready to smile.

Help bring a ray of sunshine to a friend who is feeling down with the Girls Just Want to Have Sun gift box.

Ex-Change Rate – Getting Over a Breakup

Breakups are no fun. When you are in the middle of one it can be hard to see how your life will ever get back to normal. Having to watch a friend go through a breakup can be hard. You want to tell her that “You will be better off without him” or “This is a good thing for you” but you know she is not ready to hear that yet. What you really need to do is to distract her and get her laughing again.

The Ex-Change Rate gift box is the perfect way to do that. It has all the tools that a woman will need to get over a broken relationship. She will have a great time expressing her frustration with strategically placed pins in the colorful voodoo doll. When pins are just not enough it is time to move on to the 5-in-1 Multi Tool Floral Hammer. Smashing the stuff he left at her place or even framed pictures of him can be very therapeutic. When she has grown tired of venting her frustration she can spend a relaxing night at home reading the helpful and hilarious It's Called a Breakup Because It Is Broken: The Smart Girls Break-Up Buddy softcover book. It has all the tips and advice she needs to move on and prepare for her next relationship.

She might choose to read the book in the tub where she can use the bath bomb, personalized powder coated wine tumbler and the delicious gourmet popcorn.

With the Ex-Change Rate gift box she will quickly forget about her broken relationship and will be ready for the next phase of her life and she will have you to thank for it.

Call Me a Toe Truck – A Gift for Her Feet

It is summer sandal season, and every woman wants amazing pedicured feet. Going to the spa with a friend to get a pedicure can be a fun activity, however, it can be time consuming and expensive. Why not instead give her a pedicure gift box that she can use over and over.

The Call Me a Toe Truck gift box is packed with everything she will need for amazing feet and toes. To start off there is a personalized tumbler so she can sip her favorite beverage while she works on her feet. A 10-piece stainless steel pedicure kit will give her all the tools she needs to work on those toenails. She can then use the pumice pad, pedicure wand, and sloughing lotion to soften those calloused heals.

After filing with the cute, patterned nail files and pushing back those cuticles with the Birchwood cuticle sticks she will be ready for the included cuticle revitalizing oil and high gloss top coat. When she is done everything goes back in the included waterproof bag until she is ready to use it again.

Next time you see your friend she will be excited to thank you for your gift and to show off her amazing feet. At that point you might be a little jealous and want to grab the Call Me a Toe Truck gift box for yourself.

I’m So Storked for You – A Baby Shower Gift for Her

Baby Shower Gift

Your best friend is having a baby so you decide to throw her a baby shower. You have the perfect decorations and party favors. You have selected some fun games and activities and amazing treats and snacks. The only thing left to decide is which gift you are going give her. You want something that she will love; something that will WOW her, right? Then the I’m So Storked for You gift box is the perfect choice.

The box includes some amazing gifts for the baby that any new mom will love. When it is time for a bath the organic bamboo panda bath towel will be a hit. Also included in the gift box is the Johnson’s Tiny Travel Baby Gift Set full of everything a new baby needs to keep their skin soft and comfortable. Lastly, one of the cutest items in the gift box is the trendy crochet beaded pacifier clip. It looks great with any baby outfit and will keep the much needed pacifier from getting lost.

When you give your friend the I’m So Storked For You gift box as a baby shower gift you will be hit of the party and the envy of all your other friends.

You’re a Gem – A Thank You Gift for Friends

Thank You Gift Box

A good friend is always there for you. They pick you up when you are down. They make you laugh. A good friend has your back and is your biggest cheerleader. Sometimes a friend does something for you that deserves more than just a text telling them thank you. When you are looking for something special that lets her know how much you appreciate her, the You’re a Gem gift box is the perfect solution.

Each time she uses the personalized water tumbler with her name engraved on it she will remember who gave it to her. She will love the cute diamond pen and scented soy travel candle as well. Hopefully, if you are lucky, she will share some of the amazing popcorn and nuts with you.

A true friend does not expect a thank you gift, but they definitely deserve one and will sure love it when you give her the You’re a Gem gift box.

I Need My Net-FIX – Her Movie Night Gift

Gift for Movie Lovers

When you get together with your friends do you like to discuss the latest season of Grey’s Anatomy that you have all been binge watching on Netflix? When one of you quotes Dwight from the Office do you all know exactly which episode it came from? Do you like to text each other while watching Stranger Things so you are not so afraid?

If you are looking for a fun birthday gift idea for women who love to watch Netflix or other streaming services, the I Need My Net-Fix gift box is the perfect solution. It can make a great birthday gift for her or you could give it to her for no reason at all.

The tablet/cell phone stand is the perfect size to take with you and allows you to easily watch your favorite episode wherever you go. She will love the cute popcorn socks and fleece blanket that will keep her cozy and warm while kicking back on the couch. No one wants to have to take a break mid episode to get a drink, which means the personalized water tumbler with her name engraved on it will be a big hit. With three bags of gourmet popcorn and a bag of gummy bears she will have all the snacks she needs for one of those nights where the “Auto Play Next Episode” keeps her glued to the couch for hours.

When you give her the I Need My Net-FIX gift box, the next time you get together you will be talking about the amazing gift you gave her instead of what happened in last night’s episode.

A-Salt & Flattery – Sweet and Salty Gifts

Sweet and Salty Snack Crate

Some people have a sweet tooth and only love sweet treats. Others crave salt and only eat salty snacks. The remaining 99% of the population know that salty and sweet go great together. If you are looking for the perfect all occasion gift for her the A-Salt & Flattery gift box is the right choice.

Included in the gift box is an amazing personalized square glass candy/nut bowl that can be engraved with her name or her favorite saying. Don’t worry about the bowl being empty too long. In the gift box she will find three bags of delicious gourmet popcorn as well as a bag of nuts, gummy bears, stroopwafels, and trail mix. She will have more snacks than she knows what to do with so we suggest that you find a reason to be there when she opens the box, so you can share in the yummy goodness.

The A-Salt & Flattery gift box will make you her gifting hero. But keep in mind that she may hold a grudge when her pants are a little tight after eating all those delicious snacks.

Scrub a Dub Dub: Bath and Relaxation Gifts

Relaxing Bath Gift Set

There are few things in life as relaxing as a warm bath. When you are looking for the perfect gift for a stressed-out friend the Scrub a Dub Dub gift box is a great choice. However, be sure to ship the gift directly to her because if it comes to you first you may decide to keep it for yourself!

The soft inflatable neck pillow is sure to be a hit. It inflates quickly and folds down for easy storage when not in use. Of course, every good bath includes your favorite beverage so the personalized wine tumbler with her name engraved on it will be the hit of the box. The rubber ducky soap is really too cute to use so that will probably stay in its box. However, the bath salts, premium sugar scrub and bath bombs will be used and enjoyed for several baths to come.

The first time you see your friend after receiving her Scrub a Dub Dub gift box you might notice that she is significantly less stressed and noticeably more pruney.

Candle With Care – House Warming Gift

Housewarming Gifts

Scented candles and candle warmers are as popular as ever and make amazing gifts. Whether your friend just moved into a new place or she has been there for years she will love the Candle with Care gift box.

The highlight of this gift is the ceramic electric candle warmer/wax melter. Not only does this warmer look amazing, but she will love the fact that she does not need to worry about an open flame. Especially if she has children or pets in her home. The candle warmer works great with the included 18oz. scented soy candle. Also included are three sets of scented soy wax melts. No jar is needed for these. Just drop a square in the warmer and you will be enjoying the wonderful scents in a matter of minutes.

She will love Candle with Care gift box, but you might be a little jealous next time you visit her house and you find it smells much better than yours.

Happy Birth-Yay! – Birthday Gifts for a Friend

Birthday Gifts for Women

If you are looking for an amazing birthday gift for a friend look no further. While all of our gifts for women make amazing birthday gifts our Happy Birth-Yay! gift box is the perfect gift to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

The highlight of this gift is the beautiful faceted beaded birthstone necklace. Just choose her birth month from the list and she will receive a birthstone necklace she will love wearing all year long. The birthday celebration will continue with a personalized pink wine tumbler and a pink party hat bottle stopper. A cute pink scented travel candle, a birthday cake bath bomb, and birthday cake flavored gum round out the box.

The Happy Birth-Yay! gift box is a complete birthday celebration in a box. When she receives this gift she won’t even mind that she is a year older.


Well there you have it! You’re equipped with 10 great friendship gifts for women. You’re a great friend and she will love you for your creativity and functionality, so dive right into these ideas and pick the one that feels right. If you still haven’t found just what you were looking for that’s okay, send us an e-mail or find dozens of other gift ideas for her at shadowbreeze.com.

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July 21, 2021 — Matt Graham

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