Everything You Want to Know About Bulk Christmas Gifts for Clients

As a premium corporate gifting company, you would be right to assume that client and employee gifting for Christmas and end-of-year gifts, is a big part of our business. November and December are busy months for bulk office gifts, client appreciation gifts, and both premium and inexpensive Christmas gifts for companies and organizations of all sizes.

Smaller corporate gifting campaigns, those with less than 500 of the same type of gift being sent to a single location or directly to your clients or employees, are fairly straightforward and may not require the same lead-time and planning as a campaign with multiple gifts shipping to thousands of clients.

In this article, we will share our best practices for bulk client gifting, give you real-life examples of campaigns we have worked on, and address the questions we often receive from our clients who want to send large quantities of bulk gifts to their clients including:

  1. How much lead time do you need for large quantities of client gifts?

  2. Can I add my company logo to my gifts?

  3. Do we need to send the same gifts to all of our clients?

  4. Can you help us design our corporate gifts?

  5. How much should we budget for client gifts?

  6. Can we let our clients choose their gifts?

  7. Can we ship directly to our clients throughout the country or even around the world?


How Much Lead Time is Needed to Send Bulk Holiday Gifts to Clients?

The short answer is it depends. Factors such as the number of gifts you are sending as well as the specific content of the gifts can make a big difference. Not only are corporate gifting companies very busy in November and December, but the suppliers they use to source products are also very busy that time of year, so lead times can increase significantly. As a general rule, if you are planning to ship 1,000 or more gifts, we recommend you start working on your campaign no later than early October. For smaller campaigns, you might be okay to wait until the end of October but we don't suggest you start later than the end of October for campaigns of any size.

One of our clients this past holiday season wanted to send 5,800 gifts to their clients the first week of December, which happens to be the most desired delivery time and as a result the busiest. We started designing the gifts for them in early September, which might sound early. However, because their gifts were going to ship in custom packaging and include custom items produced overseas, the early start was very much needed.

If October has come and gone and you are just starting to work on your campaign, don't hesitate to reach out. You might have fewer customization options and will probably need to stick with items we have in stock, but we have been known to deliver amazing client gifts on short notice. Here is an example of a small campaign we ran this past holiday season that we designed, assembled, and shipped on the same day:

Custom Client Gifts with Fast Shipping



Can I Add Our Company Logo to Our Client Gifts?

Of course. We recommend you brand your client holiday gifts strategically. You might be asking what it means to brand strategically, so let's jump into some of the dos and don'ts of client gift branding.

What To Do and Not to Do When Branding Client Gifts

The first mistake we see clients make is using too much branding. Some feel that if a little branding is good, a lot of branding must be better. However, too much branding almost ensures your gift will be discarded. Keep in mind that SWAG is something your employees want but probably not your clients. Learn more about the risks of too much branding on your corporate gifts.

If your client's holiday gift looks like this, it might be better to rethink your branding strategy:

Too Much Branding on Client Gifts

We recommend limiting your branding to the gift packaging (gift basket or box, gift tag, card, etc.) and maybe one item in the gift. Here is an example of a delicious holiday gift crate we did for one of our clients.

Branded Holiday Gift for Clients 


The gift featured a pine crate engraved with their logo and "Happy Holidays", an assortment of Enstrom Toffee, and some cute branded truffles. The gift was simple, easily shareable with the whole office, and branded perfectly.

In addition to too much branding, another mistake we see companies make is the intrusive or unsubtle branding of gift content. For example, if you are including an insulated travel tumbler, placing your logo subtly near the bottom of the tumbler instead of a large logo in the middle of the tumbler will increase the chance that it will be used by your client.

Here are a few subtly branded client gift examples that we designed for our clients:

Curated Holiday Gifts for Clients

In this example, the gift tag and insert are branded. The color scheme of the gift also matches the client's brand but none of the gift contents are branded.

Corporate Gifts for the 4th of July

This "Waiting for the Fireworks" 4th of July gift box featured a branded and customized box but nothing in the gift was branded. By the way, we love the idea of sending client gifts outside of November and December when you are not competing with other holiday gifts and the hustle of the holiday season.

Custom Branded Coasters

One of our real estate clients wanted a simple, inexpensive gift to give to past and current clients. These custom "Palm Springs" coasters were placed in a small branded box and have very small, subtle branding on the corner of the coaster (you will have to look hard to see it.)

Instead of branding your gift content, you might consider personalization instead. For this client, we personalized their BBQ-themed gifts with the recipient's last name engraved into the maple cutting board. A personal gift will always make a lasting impression.

Custom Branded Summer Gifts for Clients

Do We Need to Send the Same Gifts to All of Our Clients?

We understand that not all clients are created equally. VIP clients, premier clients, core clients, or whatever you call them, may require something a little nicer. This past year we had a client that wanted to send end-of-year gifts to their clients and had segmented their clients into three different tiers. We designed three different gifts at three price points to accomplish their gifting strategy.

Tiered Client Gifts

All three gifts had a similar aesthetic but the gift contents varied from tier to tier.

We regularly design multiple gifts for our clients to give to different levels of customers. Our tiered gifting is not limited to single gifting campaigns. We can create gifting portals for recurring gifting to different levels of customers, clients, employees, partners, etc. For example, we do a lot of employee anniversary gifting. The gift you send an employee who has been with the company for 25 years will likely be different than for someone with five years of tenure.

Can You Help Us Design Our Corporate Gifts?

Absolutely. That is what we do. Most of our clients have an idea of what they would like to do and then we work with them to turn it into a successful gifting campaign. Even if you don't have anything in mind, we can help. We have designed thousands of gifts over the years and can make suggestions based on your objective and budget.

Here are a few fun examples of gifts that we have designed for some of our clients.

Arizona Themed Corporate Event Gift

Arizona-Themed Corporate Gifts

Curated California Welcome Gift

California-Themed Corporate Gifts

Italy Incentive Trip Winner Gifts

Italy-Themed Gift Boxes

Mardi Gras - New Orleans Themed Client Gifts

Mardi Gras Themed Corporate Event Gifts

Seattle Wedding Guest Welcome Gifts

Seattle Wedding Guest Welcome Gifts

Beach-Themed Event Welcome Gifts

Beach Themed Corporate Event Gift Baskets

Las Vegas Event Gifts

Las Vegas Corporate Event Gifts

Hawaii Destination Wedding Guest Welcome Gifts

Hawaii Destination Wedding Guest Gifts

How Much Should We Spend on Client Holiday Gifts?

Determining how much to spend on client holiday gifts depends on various factors, including your budget, the nature of your business, the relationship with your clients, and industry norms. Ultimately, there's no right or wrong answer to how much you should spend on client holiday gifts. However, you need to remember that your gift is a reflection of your brand. It is very difficult to build an impactful gift for less than $50. We also encourage our clients to focus on quality instead of quantity. For example, it is better to include two or three high-quality gift items instead of five or six lower-quality items when you are building a curated client gift. You want to send a great gift that will have a lasting impact.

Here are some considerations to help you decide on a budget:

Budget: Start by setting a budget for your holiday gifts. Consider how much you can comfortably afford to spend without straining your finances. Remember that the goal is to show appreciation, not to overspend.

  1. Client Relationship: The level of spending may vary depending on the importance of the client relationship. For key clients who have contributed significantly to your business, you might consider allocating a larger portion of your budget for their gifts.

  2. Value of the Relationship: Evaluate the lifetime value of the client to your business. Clients who bring in substantial revenue or have the potential for long-term partnerships may warrant a more generous gift.

  3. Industry Standards: Research industry standards and practices regarding holiday gift-giving. While there's no one-size-fits-all approach, understanding what is customary in your industry can help guide your decision.

  4. Gift Quality and Personalization: Focus on the quality and thoughtfulness of the gift rather than its monetary value. A well-chosen, personalized gift that aligns with the client's interests or preferences can leave a lasting impression regardless of its cost.

  5. Cost-Effective Options: Explore cost-effective gift options that still convey appreciation and thoughtfulness. Consider bulk discounts, promotional offers, or creative DIY gift ideas to maximize your budget.

  6. Consideration of Cultural and Corporate Policies: Be mindful of any cultural considerations or corporate policies that may restrict the type or value of gifts you can give. Ensure your gifts adhere to ethical guidelines and compliance regulations.

  7. Flexibility: Be flexible in your approach and willing to adjust your spending based on individual client circumstances or feedback. What matters most is the sincerity and thoughtfulness behind the gesture.


Is it Possible to Let Our Clients Choose Their Gifts?

Yes, with our free corporate gifting platforms, you can curate a selection of gifts in your budget and then invite your clients to visit your portal and select a gift. Your portal will be customized with your brand, and your messaging, and can include photos, videos, etc. Here is an example of what a gifting postal might look like.

Free Gifting Platfrom from Shadow Breeze

If you want to offer different levels of gift choices to different clients we can create a unique portal for each client group. An added benefit of a free gifting portal is you don't need to know your client's address. They will enter their shipping address when they claim their gift.

One thing to keep in mind when you are allowing your client to choose their own gift, not all clients will pick a gift. We find that 20 to 30% on average will forgo a gift so you may end up sending fewer gifts than you would like.

To learn more about our free gifting platforms (portals) reach out to one of our corporate gifting experts today.

Can we ship directly to our clients throughout the country or even around the world?

Of course. You provide us with the names and addresses and we take care of the rest. We can send gifts to almost any location. If you are planning to ship outside the USA, we will work with you to design gifts that won't get held up in customs in your destination countries.

Shipping outside the USA can be expensive, often exceeding the cost of the gift) so you will need to plan accordingly. When you ship your gifts outside the USA with Shadow Breeze we include the shipping, VAT, brokerage fees, duties, and any other fees in our quoted price so your recipient doesn't have to pay anything to receive their gift.


In conclusion, navigating the realm of bulk Christmas gifts for clients involves careful planning, strategic branding, budget considerations, and logistical coordination. By adhering to the best practices outlined in this article, you can ensure a seamless gifting experience that leaves a lasting impression on your clients.

By following these guidelines and leveraging the expertise of corporate gifting professionals, you can create memorable and meaningful experiences for your clients during the holiday season and beyond. For more information on how to streamline your corporate gifting process, reach out to one of our gifting experts today. Happy gifting!

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